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A Newness

“"Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:18-19 ESV

"New" A word that often carries with it a mixture of excitement and fear. It can bring hope, but also anxiety. "New" can also bring us so much promise but the letting go of what we are so comfortable with in order to experience the "New", isn’t always easy. The whole chapter of Isaiah offers us great comfort, as it remind us that God is a God of transformation, who supports us to experience all things new. As millennial's, "New" is not unfamiliar, it is something that constantly reoccurs. Other than our formative years, where everything is new, this is perhaps the period of our lives where we experience the most change. Whether it be; education, employment, independence, relationships, financial responsibilities, reputation, home, location, or children the years of 18-35 is when we experience so much change.

New can be great!

Despite this rapid transition, I encourage you to look back at other new experiences and where they have led you. Although the "New" may have caused negativity, look at the journey and destination. Look at the experiences and people you have come in to contact with and sometimes, the lessons you have learnt. Who have you shared these experiences and opportunities with? God doesn’t give us new just for us or just for the sake of experiencing something new, it’s for the kingdom to benefit too.

Nothing new

Although "New" can be scary, not having the new we want, within our chosen time frame can be concerning too. We sometimes see others experience their "New", whilst we sit in our usual. We can often be harder on ourselves than we need to be and more critical than is healthy. I’ve been there, when it seems everybody around me is getting promotions and I’m still, just here. I’m grateful. It helped me to realise that even in our usual, it can be something new. Like a new route on our commute to work or University, it brings new views, new experiences and new opportunities. Change for the sake of change can cause issues. Sometimes being active in your current position can bring "New" too.

It is my prayer that we will embrace change but not chase it. Let us not become stagnant, but always seek to progress. Let us remember to keep the door open for others to experience the "New" too. Let us also be positive and believe that if God has caused us to experience "New" ventures, opportunities and seasons in the past, He is sure able to do it again. As we reflect on the death and resurrection of our Lord in this season of lent, let our reflections lead us into a season of newness, where our hunger to experience something new will lead us closer to One who is doing "the new thing."